Paint your wedding with the colours of monsoon

Paint your wedding with the colours of monsoon


The beauty of monsoon starts right from the anticipation and longing. The long wait for the relief of first rain drops on the sunburns left behind by the merciless summer. And it’s this anticipation and longing that brings in the much hyped romantic atmosphere around Monsoon Season. It’s that time of the year when one simply can’t stop himself/herself from going out and soakng it in. So what better time is there to get married to the love of your life? The day you have anticipated and longed for, just like your wait for monsoon!

And that’s where a creative mind can do wonders. You need to design the wedding to match the season just like you need to dress up to fit the occasion. Colours play a major role here. Some colours fit seamlessly in to most seasons. Some seasons require carefully chosen colour themes!
A rainy day is just like any other English day. Even English summers are drenched in water! So an English wedding will be perfect for a monsoon wedding. The first colours that pop up when talking about English wedding are white & Peach. Both of these colours produce an aura of royalty and class. Not to forget the flowers! Right from roses to gypsophila, they exude artistry and an aesthetic excellence. You can put out the wacky white umbrellas and add to the atmosphere just in case the weather stays true to its nature!
Quite often water is represented by the colour Blue! Whether it’s in a painting or it’s in the google map! There is nothing more abundant than water in a monsoon season! So Blue is well and truly the colour of the season! It can light up the entire venue and is much more pleasant when compared to the laid back ambience of the white colour. Crystals and blue colour get along like the about to be married couple too! They match up like they were made for each other! If you select a shade of blue as the dress code and add a bluish flower décor and table décor dominated by Orchids then the ambience is literally complete

Bright Yellow and lavender are another 2 colour theme that fits the monsoon weather and ambience! While bright yellow stands out in the overcast moody lights lavender compliments the damp feeling of both the skies and the earth! A yellow themed setting sprinkled with rain drops can be as picturesque as Droplets of water sticking on fully riped lemons.

The Choice is yours. We are here to make it happen for you! Let’s make this monsoon a celebration of love colour and nature!

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