Safely Ever After

Every problem has a solution. Every situation has a way out. And giving up isn’t a solution. That’s why Eventia is not going to step back. Instead, we are exploring new paths, new strategies, and new creative ideas to get over this unique situation. That’s how we came up with this COVID Protocol Wedding.

Every wedding is a dream coming true. A spring of love and hope. We assure you that your dream day will not remain hopeless and colorless in this lockdown. We are ensuring that all the safety measures according to the govt. protocol will be taken and strictly followed by every staff, guest, wedding party member including the bride and groom. Because your safety is our most priority.

In our history, there was no wedding without celebration. The joy of togetherness must never be diminished. Hence be ready. The colors won’t fade away. Your big day will be brighter than ever in our hands. Let’s celebrate once again.

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