All about Destination Weddings in Kerala

The romance of travel is such an infatuation for some people that it becomes romance itself,  If you are one of the mentioned kind then destination weddings are for you.

After all, these are once in a life time experiences. Make it special.

Get away to a place where love is in the air or water, may be in the skies, mountains, mist or in the sands even!

Treat your guests to a visual spectacle they won’t forget in their life time.

All man created spectacles have its limitations. They all come with that percentage of artificiality, no matter how much work you put in.


As The Beatles sung, “Nothing you can make that can’t be made”

So bring your loved ones to an atmosphere that was made before mankind.

Whether it’s the picturesque backwaters, misty hills,  love shores of a drive in beach or the never ending sand patterns of a desert, they can all make an aesthetic yet spectacular backdrop for you

As the cliché goes Nature is the mother of all spectacles.

All you need is proper planning and a team to customize the scenic destination you are picking to fit the profile of your event

Wedding Decorations, You don’t have to be a flower expert!

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Not a flower expert? Not a botanist? Not really keen about flowers but thinking “what’s a wedding without flowers?” Don’t worry! We are (also) flower experts and we know which will suit a wedding, for any wedding in that case – from the humble jasmine flowers to the posh orchids and here are some common, yet must-be-present flowers for any type of wedding.

Unlike the Westerners who love delicate flowers with gloomy shades, we Indians LOVE colourful and extravagant flowers. We use flowers in abundant – be it for wedding stationery, flavours or the wedding theme.

Having a wide variety of Chrysanthemums, a look-alike of the common, cheery Marigold, we use both of them in abundant – be it a traditional or a modern wedding.

With its subtle colours, Hydrangeas are considered one of the best wedding flowers because of their large size. When massed together, they are the best centerpieces.

What’s a wedding without Roses! Red, white, yellow… Whatever be the colour, we all love roses and is the best symbol for love. Decorations with roses look posh and drive in each of your guests’ attention.

Tuberose, symbolizing pleasure, is everyone’s favourite. With its humble and elegant look and fragrance, there is no ignoring it!

Available in myriad colours and sizes, Daisy is still a widely used wedding flower. Exemplifying purity and innocence, daisies are the most popular choice for bridal bouquets.

BUT WAIT! There is no traditional Indian wedding without a dose of Jasmines flowers, right! Be it on the bride’s long hair or the garland or even for the posh stage decorations, jasmine is one flower one can’t avoid, especially the South Indians.



We blame it on the movie Two states – the beautiful, rustic temple wedding at the end, but all natural weddings with an earthy, rustic charm are super trending currently. Think minimal mandaps with banana leaves or genda flowers, invitations tied up with jute, a south Indian feel to the entire event.