Get set for Monsoon Weddings!!

Monsoon wedding in kerala

Monsoon wedding |Wedding planners in Kochi |Event management in Kerala

 Monsoon Weddings in Kerala

Why Event Planners for Monsoon Weddings?

When it comes to romantic concepts there aren’t more soothing ones than rain.
Especially a drenching kerala monsoon experience.
But still for some reasons we tend to shy away from the monsoon season for our weddings.
Most probably the difficulties wet weather may cause to the guests in particular.
Forget them all, you just need a way to work around the rain (or walk in to the rain if you are more in to the fun part of it!)
You just need better planning. Leave the planning to professionals.

Event Planners who have seen it all before and are well equipped in planning and executing an event.
Seriously, get over the tensions and embrace the nature! Rain is just a way for nature to pour its love all over you.
The color saturation in your photos is going to be something different. Trust us, it will look far more beautiful in rainy/overcast weather than in sparkling sunlight.

What if the bride and groom are holding matching umbrellas?

What if the entire guest party is holding themed umbrellas a midst pouring rain?

The possibilities are endless.

You can make it a unique experience. All you need is a willingness to think out of the box.
Leave the planning, execution and dare I say the head ache to professional event planners.
No one will forget a couple declaring their love in rain. Absolutely No One.
So LEAVE IT TO US and start preparing to get soaked in the shower of romance in the mother of all seasons.


It’s time for some ‘hot’ Summer Weddings!


wedding planners in kerala

Eventia wedding designers™

Summer is almost here, and so is the wedding season. Weddings that the brides and grooms were, probably, looking forward to since months back! We are all into the ‘best’ time, either considering the astrologer’s advice, or the vacation time. Either way, it’s gonna be a hectic and not-so-cool time for everyone involving in the wedding ceremonies.

The hot and humid climate during summer in India is not completely a turn-off for wedding and the people involved, as we get some real bright natural light with the clear weather, and that’s exactly what the photographers will be happy for! Even the colours, with the fresh and wide variety of flowers available during summer, everyone including the guests will be pleased and happy. And needless to say, it’s vacation time for the kids. No tension of exams, classes etc. and the parents are free to come with their kids. Guests are, undoubtedly, freely available during summer.

These are only some of the positives you will experience on a happy wedding day during summer. We have to consider the cons too. Guests are gonna go back home cursing the heat. There’s no way you would want to hear such comments from your guests. There goes extra cost in cooling the entire venue. Everyone will get messy because of the heat. Sweating guests are a turn-off (for themselves too!) & we should not forget the VIPs of the day. The bride and the groom will find it very difficult to survive the day with lots of smiling, lights, guests etc. The bride, especially, with her heavy saris or lehengas, make-up and flowers will literally curse her big day if things are not arranged properly.

So, stay cool and leave it to us. We will make sure the ‘hot’ wedding days are worth cherishing your whole lifetime!


Why Wedding Planners???


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There’s absolutely no “WHY WEDDING PLANNERS?”!


Weddings are a milestone in everyone’s life. Since teenage, we have all been hearing that “the most important day in your life is your wedding!”. Everyone wants their big day to be the most memorable day in their lives. Be it a traditional ceremony with a whole lot of relatives, cousins, neighbours and friends, or a very casual, “only friends and closest family” wedding party, if the day(s) isn’t done right, you will probably regret the rest of your life!

Yes, your wedding and the big day’s memories are forever. And if you think wedding planners are only for the rich, it’s time to think twice!

Schedule, venues, budget, theme, coordination, vendors… there are plethora reasons why you should hire a wedding planner, (if you take a look at our Wedding Check List, you will see why), but here are 3 main things that will make you realize why you need us!

Reason #1: For the PERFECT wedding you deserve

A wedding planner knows and has done it a hundred times! It takes your time and hardwork to tug a marriage along – perfectly. Wedding planners listen to you, understand what you dream, and put them into action. They know the people to talk to, get hold of them just for you at the best prices and make sure that each minute detail is ready for your day.

(What other reasons do you need? The other reasons that follow ‘just follows’!)

Reason #2:  The perfect wedding should be AMUSING, not a headache!

You have been dreaming of this day since weeks (or even months or years) and there is no way you want it messed up – neither for you, nor your family nor the important guests you want to share your big day with. You don’t want to be that bride (or groom) who can’t eat, sleep or talk because of nervousness. Leave it to us! We have the skill to make your most important day the perfect one.

Reason #3: “Can we trust the vendors?”

O yes! You don’t have to worry a thing about whom you should hire for flower decorations, for bringing your friends from the airport, to hire the best chefs, to book a venue or even to print your wedding invitations! Your time is not for these – your time is to relax and get ready for the big day! As with the experience we have, we know whom to trust and whom not to, who can make the day memorable, and who can make it a disaster. We are up to make your day the best, not the worst!


Be it a celebration in your town or elsewhere, wedding planners knows what exactly to do to help you make your dream come true. No matter WHAT you want on your day, we are here to make it a reality. Say goodbye to the never-ending research, details to remember, discussions (though we have to agree most of it are fun, but heyy, why waste your energy when you can leave everything to us!).